NS Rebate: $500

Outside of NS price: $3599


Looking for something a little more rugged? The Daymak Pithog Max is now available and it is one of a kind! The Pithog max has an aggressive tread front-wheel similar to that you would find on a dirt bike. But that doesn’t mean this bike is only for off-road, this fully street legal electric dirt bike will tear it up on the road as well. Best of all, the Pithog max comes with a 72V 32AH lithium-ion battery, which charges faster, lasts longer and is lighter than a lead-acid battery. It’s headlight and fender design give the Pithog Max a sharp and stylish look. Listen to your songs while you ride with its Bluetooth MP3 speaker for some epic theme music for your adventure. This is the perfect fun for one electric scooter.

Pithog Max *NS rebate applied



72V 32AH Lithium-Ion Battery

The Pithog Max comes with a 72V 32A lithium-ion battery that can get up to 70km distance on a single charge. Take your adventure further and have a blast while doing it.

110/70-17 Dirt Bike Front Wheel

The Pithog Max is known for its signature dirt bike front wheel. With its aggressive tread, ride off-road through rugged terrain with ease or cruise as you please on the street.

Hydraulic Disc Brakes

The Pithog Max comes with hydraulic disc brakes so that you can stop quickly when you need to. Whether you're riding in the streets or riding down a hill the Pithog Max has got stopping power.