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Beginning Spring 2020 All EV Canada will be offering a suite of training courses. 

This training is being delivered by electrical vehicle industry expert David Giles, to provide first responders with both theory and hands-on practical instruction on the hazards of electric vehicles, when responding to collisions, fires, floods, and other incidents involving EV’s.

Train the Trainer – First Responder Safety Awareness Program

Utilizing our 25 Electric Vehicles, this First Responders Train the Trainer course is a new and unique training model, this delivery method allows all members of your departments, with little time or cost investment, to access the hands-on training using: Tesla, Leaf, Prius, Bolt and Volt Electric Vehicles.  This is a collaborative approach to training, which allows for flexibility within your departments.  It’s a partnership between your organization and the professional trainers at All EV Canada.

How It Works

Step One: Your organization designates at least one member or trainer, to attend the seven-hour Train the trainer course held at the All EV Canada facility, location in Dartmouth NS. 


The morning session, held in a classroom setting, will introduce the participants to Electric Vehicles systems hazards, and safety techniques to be used when responding to collisions, fires, floods, and other incidents involving EV’s.  Additional precautions required will be discussed, using first responder's guides for reference.   Discussions of real-world scenarios and procedures for disabling high voltage components will be integrated into both morning and afternoon sessions.

The afternoon session, held in a shop environment will include an operation of the EV’s, dismantling of EV, identification of vehicle components with emphasis on locating and identification of these components.  Supplemental restrain systems, including retractors and curtains, sensors, fuel cells, high voltage components, battery packs, controllers, converters/inverters, wiring, and motors, will all be involved in the hands-on practical experience.

Step Two: Once completed, the course participant should be able to deliver the information provided in the morning theory session to other members of their organization, those members would then only be required to attend the practical component of the training at All EV Canada to complete the three-hour hands-on practical experience.

Step Three: Remaining Current, as the Electric Vehicle technology is rapidly changing, once per year course participants would be required to register with All EV Canada and participate in a three-hour practical update session.

Costs: All Sessions Are Limited to a Maximum of 12 Participants

Full-Day Session                     7 Hours           Train the Trainer         $450 per person

Practical Sessions                  3 Hours           Hands-On Practical    $150 per person



Inquiries: Jeff Farwell, CEO, Email:       Phone: 902-471-8030

Registrations: Annette Cooper, Business Development Manager Email:           

Train the Trainer - First Responder Safety Awareness Program

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